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Why incorporate your DAO?

Limited Liability

If you’re not recognized as a legal entity, all of your contributors are at significant risk. If you get sued, all of your contributors’ assets could be seized. Incorporating is the best way to avoid these risks. Incorporating in the Marshall Islands is the best way to avoid these risks.


The best way to protect your contributors is to incorporate as an LLC. This ensures everyone can keep their assets and their future earnings even if the DAO is sued or under a legal crisis.

If your DAO gets sued, any number of these things could happen:
- Your contributors are liable, meaning their assets will be under attack. In other words, everyone will be paying up.
- Your anonymous contributors will have to share their identity. 
- You’ll need to create a centralized entity going forward, which is against your ethos of decentralization.

Corporate Personhood

If you don’t have corporate personhood, your DAO can’t technically own any Intellectual Property or hire employees. Put simply, your DAO has no capacity to own assets, enter into agreements, or act as an individual entity in the corporate realm without incorporating first.


If your DAO needs to open a bank account to manage fiat currencies, it’s impossible unless you establish corporate personhood. And, if you’re signing contracts and interacting with companies, the contracts don’t hold up under the law without corporate personhood.

If you’re a social DAO, think about the vibe shift if everyone had to transfer funds to whoever is suing you.
If you’re a DeFi DAO, think about the contracts and agreements you may sign to partner with other organizations.
If you’re a VC or investment DAO, think about the safety of all those assets under your management.
If you’re still figuring out what kind of DAO you are, incorporation is always a good idea.

Tax Entity

Without a tax entity, all your members can be held accountable for taxes on any net earnings your DAO generates. If you sell a bunch of NFTs, for example, your members would have to pay taxes on those gains.


A MIDAO DAO LLC not only protects your members from having any tax reporting or liability, but the entity is also not taxed by the government. Think about all the money this will save you and your members!

A limited liability corporation (LLC) to protect you and your contributors

Physical address in the Marshall Islands

Automated Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Counter Financing of Terrorism (CFT)

Corporate personhood, which allows your DAO to own assets and enter into agreements

Annual document filing on your behalf

White glove service from beginning to end

Recognition of smart contracts

A point person to work with the Marshall Islands government

Help with creating your legal documents, such as your operating agreement 

How DAO Incorporation
Works with MIDAO

Sign the engagement letter

First, simply sign the engagement letter, which kicks off our business process with you. 

Complete the registration process

Next, we’ll guide you through a simple registration process that prevents the vast majority of your contributors from having to share their legal identities.

Step 3

Receive your charter and go change the world

MIDAO will send your DAO LLC’s charter. Now, you can relax knowing your DAO and your contributors are protected. We handle all annual filings for you, so you can get back to building your DAO!

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This guide was built to help you understand the benefits of incorporating your DAO and how the process of DAO incorporation works. We help you answer questions like:

Why should I incorporate my DAO? In what geographic jurisdiction should I incorporate my DAO? What legal entity type should I choose?

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Frequently asked questions

Why the Marshall Islands?

The Marshall Islands provide a legal entity home for DAOs. Registering as a non-profit LLC establishes corporate personhood without paying taxes to the Marshall Islands. And, the DAO can register without a single person taking liability for the entire DAO. Instead of the entire organization signing the operating agreement, just the DAO founders need to. And don’t worry about raising a red flag based on where you’re registering—40+ NYSE and NASDAQ companies and 20% of the world’s shipping capacity are registered in the Marshall Islands, so it’s not an uncommon place to base your business.

Our governance processes occur in a smart contract. How do we convey that to the Marshall Islands?

We helped pass a law in the Marshall Islands that allows DAOs to simply list the smart contract that their governance processes take place in. You won’t have to write out all the technical details, or even list your members. Simply provide information on the smart contract and token, and you’re all set.

Are the Marshall Islands part of the U.S.?

The Marshall Islands are a best-of-both-worlds spot for DAOs, because they’re a sovereign nation that still receives protection and government services from the U.S. For example, the Marshall Islands use the U.S. postal service and receive military protection, but are not subject to the laws of the U.S. As an added bonus, lawyers around the world are comfortable working with the Marshall Islands because of its similarity to the U.S. and history of traditional incorporation.

Does everyone in the DAO need to share their public identity?

No, only members who hold a substantial portion of the tokens (more than 10% each) need to share their information. The remainder of the DAO can remain anonymous.

How long does the process generally take?

As little as 30 days.

If we incorporate, what does that mean about our tax obligations?

A MIDAO DAO LLC not only protects your members from having any tax reporting or liability, but the entity is also not taxed by the government.

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