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Our mission is to protect your contributors, so you can get back to building.

We protect DAOs and their contributors by making it easy and fast to incorporate. No DAO should have to navigate a spider web of regulation or hire a team of lawyers to reduce their liability. We help you avoid unnecessary taxes and regulations associated with outdated jurisdictions, so you’re paying exactly what you need to to stay protected. Incorporation should be simple, because you have a DAO to build and a world to change.

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At MIDAO, we believe DAO contributors deserve to focus their time on building their DAO, not worrying about their legal entity.

You don’t want your DAO to be a traditional organization dressed up in DAO clothes. You’re decentralized at your core, so your legal approach should be, too. That’s why we help DAOs incorporate in the Marshall Islands, the only jurisdiction to recognize DAOs as they truly are—decentralized.

There are so many jurisdictions and entity types to choose from, but most have outdated and inadequate laws because they weren’t written with DAOs in mind. With our simple 30-to-60-day Marshall Islands incorporation strategy, you’ll get the peace of mind of limited liability without having to set up centralized structures or doxing all your members.

MIDAO is a registered agent in the Marshall Islands, which means we will handle everything for you, including your annual filings and providing a physical address. MIDAO is simple, fast, and painless, so you minimize taxes and fees while feeling confident that you and your contributors are protected.

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Meet our team

Adam Miller
CEO & Co-founder
Bobby Muller
President & Co-founder
Shah Hafizi
Legal & Compliance & Co-founder
Abe Othman
Leo Henkels
Research Associate
Mark Lurie