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Meet our team

Adam Miller - CEO & Co-founder of MIDAO Interview
Adam Miller
CEO & Co-founder
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Adam is the Co-Founder and CEO of MIDAO and the host of the Just DAO It! Podcast for people starting DAOs. Adam got involved in Bitcoin in 2012 and remained interested in the technology, leading him to spend six years conducting research on blockchain for emerging technology innovation at Capital Group. Since graduating MIT with a B.S. in Economics and Cognitive Science, Adam started several start-ups, most recently a DAO consulting service in 2022 before starting MIDAO. Adam is a passionate member of several DAOs such as Purple, Builder DAO, CryptoMondays, and Beaver DAO to name a few. When he’s not working, you can find Adam enjoying the outdoors soaking up the sun in beautiful Newport Beach, California.

Bobby Muller - President & Co-founder of MIDAO
Bobby Muller
President & Co-founder
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Bobby Muller is a Co-Founder of MIDAO and a part-time employee responsible for strengthening the partnership between MIDAO and the Marshall Islands. Bobby is a former President’s Cabinet member of the Marshall Islands Government and led their compact negotiations with the United States, the most important business & political deal in the country’s history. Bobby is on several boards and is a broadly influential person in the Marshall Islands, having helped improve the quality of life for the Marshallese people by providing numerous new opportunities for growth in their economy. Bobby loves to fish and spends his time exploring the bountiful ocean surrounding the Marshall Islands; unlike Leo, he has some awesome pictures to back up his fishing adventures.

Jawna Standish - Head of Business Development, MIDAO
Jawna Standish
Business Development Advisor
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Jawna Standish is the Head of Business Development at MIDAO continually focused on growth and expanding MIDAO’s network of partners and Web3 lawyers while providing world class customer service to her clients. Jawna has a B.S. in Economics from UConn, as well as an M.S. in Finance and Administrative Studies from Boston University. Before MIDAO, Jawna held executive growth leadership roles at EMC Documentum and PTC, working extensively in blockchain as well as venture capital and finance. Jawna stays current in the Web3 community as an Ombuds in BanklessDAO and a Founding Member in FTW DAO. Jawna loves to travel and when she’s not working for MIDAO, you can find her on her sailboat in Greece exploring the Aegean! 

Neumi Usumaki
Head of Compliance
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Neumi Usumaki is the Head of Compliance at MIDAO and is responsible for establishing and operating the company’s compliance program in accordance with the Republic of the Marshall Islands’ laws, regulations, and requirements. Before he joined MIDAO, Neumi was extensively involved as a public servant in the financial sector industry in the Marshall Islands and Fiji as a compliance policy and strategy associate. At MIDAO, Neumi is interested in learning more about the potential of Web3, and the international best practices it establishes and operates within. Neumi holds a B.S. in Economics and Information Systems and an M.S. in Business Administration. He likes spending time with family and friends in his free time, especially playing video games with his children.

Leo Henkels - Business Development Analyst, MIDAO
Leo Henkels
Business Development Analyst
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Leo Henkels is a Business Development Analyst and Chief Meme Officer at MIDAO focused on growing the company’s reach and helping out the rest of the team wherever is needed. Leo fell down the crypto rabbit hole in the fall of 2020 after losing a bet to a finance professor who argued that BTC was a good investment. Leo recently graduated Boston College with a B.S. in Finance and Entrepreneurship, and now occasionally trades “memecoins” to stay active and explore the Web3 ecosystem. Similarly to Bobby, when Leo isn’t working at MIDAO, he spends his time fishing up and down the East Coast of North America, or telling “fish tales” about “world record catches!”

Damien Muller - Midao Operations Manager
Damien Muller
Operations Manager
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Damien is the Operations Manager here at MIDAO, specializing in the implementation process; helping our clients through registration and ensuring compliance with the Marshall Islands government. Damien has an A.S. in Accounting from the College of the Marshall Islands and is currently working on a Master's degree. Damien previously worked in sales, but recently became interested in DAOs and joined MIDAO wishing to learn more about Web3 in general. Damien is a foodie, and loves to eat; he’s a pizza connoisseur and always appreciates a good Pepperoni pie!

MIDAO: Empowering DAOs and Web3 Projects in the Marshall Islands

MIDAO is at the forefront of a revolutionary movement, combining the expertise of the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) as a global shipping jurisdiction with cutting-edge blockchain-friendly legislation to create a groundbreaking legal entity solution for decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and Web3 projects. 

Involvement of the Marshall Islands in WWII
Founding of IRI Shipping Registry.

For over five decades, the RMI has facilitated the growth of the shipping industry and has become a leading jurisdiction for shipping companies looking to set up a legal entity. The country hosts over 40 NASDAQ & NYSE public companies and a remarkable 20% of the world's shipping capacity. Now, MIDAO is leveraging this incorporation experience to help position the RMI as the premier global jurisdiction for DAOs and Web3 projects.

RMI gains independence from USA
SOV cryptocurrency project

The Marshall Islands has always been a crypto-friendly nation following their attempt at creating a national cryptocurrency, SOV. Despite its unsuccessful launch, an early believer in MIDAO, Mark Lurie, remained excited by the innovative mindset of the RMI.

Brainstorming with RMI senators and leaders
DAO law idea conceived

In 2021, Mark realized there was no adequate place to incorporate a DAO, so he put the best DAO consultant he knew, Adam Miller, in touch with Bobby Muller, a former President's Cabinet member and the leader of the RMI's compact negotiations with the United States.

Non-profit Entities Act Amendment of 2021

These two individuals combined their expertise throughout 2021, and at the end of the year, passed the most DAO-friendly legislation to date, the Non-Profit Entities Act Amendment.

🚀 startup phase
MIDAO Public-Private Partnership Signed

MIDAO’s partnership, strengthened and cultivated by Co-Founder Bobby Muller, shares a vision of making the Marshall Islands a leading jurisdiction embracing the Web3 community. As a testament to its dedication to compliance, MIDAO provides a digitized portal for the government to conduct real-time monitoring. This portal and associated compliance mitigates risks associated with money laundering, terrorist financing, and other criminal activities. MIDAO is committed to supporting the integrity of the RMI internationally and keeping the country off of blacklists other offshore incorporation jurisdictions find themselves on. 

Furthermore, MIDAO will continue to work closely with government officials to advocate for the country globally. During the COVID pandemic, MIDAO provided financial assistance to the government to help them purchase PPE gear. 

🎉 First DAO LLC Signed!
DAO Act of 2022

MIDAO is approaching 100 DAOs registered and passed a more comprehensive act in 2022, The DAO Act.

🚀 beta phase
🎉 42 DAO LLCs Registered!
$1M seed round (TLTF, Balaji, FJ)

Following a recent fundraising round from several qualified investors, MIDAO sets its sights on a future of growth, looking to protect every DAO and Web3 project with a MIDAO DAO LLC, continuing to strengthen its partnership with the RMI government, and begin passing even more revolutionary legislation… 

🚀 growth phase
Over 140 DAO LLCs Registered!
At MIDAO, we believe DAO contributors deserve to focus their time on building their DAO, not worrying about their legal entity.

You don’t want your DAO or Web3 project to be a traditional organization dressed up in Web3 clothes. You’re decentralized at your core, so your legal approach should be, too. That’s why we help DAOs, and Web3 projects incorporate in the Marshall Islands, the only jurisdiction to recognize DAOs/Web3/Digital Assets/NFTs and Blockchain as they truly are via The DAO Act of 2022.

There are so many jurisdictions and entity types to choose from, but most have outdated and inadequate laws because they weren’t written with Web3 in mind. With our simple 30-to-60-day Marshall Islands' incorporation process, which can create for-profit and not-for-profit DAO LLCs, you’ll get the peace of mind from limited liability without having to set up centralized structures or doxing all your members.

MIDAO is the exclusive registered agent in the Marshall Islands for the DAO LLC and DAO Series LLC, which means we will handle everything for you, including your annual filings and providing a physical address. MIDAO is simple, fast, and painless, so you minimize taxes and fees while feeling confident that you and your contributors are protected.

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