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DAO Legal Entity Options
Project Size

Bootstrap Package

Eligibility: projects with under $30k in treasury & funding**
- Non-Profit or For-Profit
- Operating Agreement Template
- 30-min Operating Agreement Workshop
- Telegram chat support
- Web3 legal & tax advice introductions with free 30-min consultations*

WAGMI Package

Eligibility: projects with under $150k in treasury & funding
Same as Bootstrap Package +

- Up to three Operating Agreement Workshops
- Final Operating Agreement Review (not legal advice)

Diamond Hands Package

Standard Pricing for any project
Same as WAGMI Package +

- Up to four 30-min DAO Governance & Technology Workshops
- Priority 24-hour Telegram chat support

Moon Package

Customized Pricing
Same as Diamond Hands Package +

- Includes variable amounts
of legal, tax, governance,
and other professional advice at a discounted package price to fit your custom needs

*Most of our professional network partners offer free 30-min consultations, with some exceptions.
**Pricing eligibility is based on the total USD value of the project’s treasury & fundraising combined.
If a foundation, dev-co, or op-co is involved, their funding and treasury are included in the calculation.

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You only have to pay a $1000 USD deposit at this time to reserve your LLC.
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