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MIDAO Customer Spotlight: MoonDAO

Leo Henkels

May 29, 2024

Why one of the OG and most well known DAOs in the ecosystem, MoonDAO, incorporated using a MIDAO DAO LLC

MIDAO Customer Spotlight: MetaDAO

Leo Henkels

May 8, 2024

Read why the most innovative DAO in Web3, MetaDAO, chose to incorporate with MIDAO

MIDAO Customer Spotlight: Pyth Network

Leo Henkels

April 15, 2024

Read why Solana's largest oracle provider, Pyth Network, chose to incorporate it's DAO with MIDAO

MIDAO Partners With Rise

Leo Henkels

November 8, 2023

MIDAO and Rise Announce Their Partnership.

Marshall Islands Public Companies

Adam Miller

February 9, 2023

Public companies domiciled in the Marshall Islands

Marshall Islands’ Partnership with MIDAO Grows

Leo Henkels

September 10, 2022

The Marshall Islands and MIDAO announce a strengthened partnership and a new digital portal.

Tax-Deductible Deductions to DAOs

Leo Henkels

August 29, 2022

A guide to help incorporated DAOs get 501(c)(3) status to solicit US-based tax deductible donations.

MIDAO LLC Corporate Structuring Scenarios

Leo Henkels

August 3, 2022

Examples of MIDAO DAO LLC project structures, including combining non-profit and for-profit entities.

Marshall Islands DAO LLC Approved for US Bank Account

Leo Henkels

July 26, 2022

MIDAO LLCs are able to get US bank accounts.

AnyDAO & MIDAO Strategic Partnership

Leo Henkels

July 22, 2022

MIDAO Announces its First Strategic Partnership with AnyDAO.

MIDAO: Proposed Crypto Legislation

Leo Henkels

July 13, 2022

Leohenkels.eth from MIDAO, argues that the proposed Lummis-Gillibrand Bill is a net positive for the DAO community.

MIDAO: A Leading Legal Entity for DAOs; A Response to the recently released White Paper “Legal Wrappers and DAOs.”

Leo Henkels

June 13, 2022

Our response that the Marshall Islands (RMI) was not mentioned in the recently released White Paper on “Legal Wrappers and DAOs.”

MIDAO Registration Process

Adam Miller

May 18, 2022

Learn how to incorporate with MIDAO.

DAO’s Legal Identity Crisis; Why VanlifeDAO Will be a Marshall Island Nonprofit Llc


April 19, 2022

Vanlife DAO's founder describes his journey of DAO incorporation.

Why We Incorporated Shipyard’s DAO in The Marshall Islands

Mark Lurie

February 15, 2022

Why Clipper, a decentralized exchange, incorporated its DAO, Admiral DAO, with MIDAO in the Marshall Islands.

DeFi DAOs: How Aspects of DAO Governance Benefit the DeFi Ecosystem


Explore how Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are shaping the DeFi ecosystem, promoting transparency, community empowerment.

Are DAOs Legal? Exploring DAO Legal Issues and Regulatory Challenges


Are DAOs legal? If you have been wondering about their legal status, read on to discover more about a DAO’s legal standing.

Key Blockchain Compliance Challenges: The Legal and Regulatory Issues

Leo Henkels

Blockchain compliance is a difficult legal problem that new blockchain structures face today. Learn about key legal and other issues.

Exploring the Pros and Cons of DAO Organizations


DAO structures are a cutting-edge way to operate businesses. Consider the pros and cons of DAO organizations and how they change businesses.

Key Tactics Businesses Can Adopt to Achieve Crypto Compliance


Are you struggling with crypto compliance for your business? Read on to learn key tactics for ensuring compliance & navigating regulations.

Crypto Regulation: A Guide for Crypto Businesses


rypto regulation ensures safe transactions and market stability. Here is a guide to help you understand the ever-evolving crypto regulatory.

Understanding Different Types of DAOs and Their Implications

Leo Henkels

When it comes to DAOs, multiple types serve different goals with unique benefits. Refer to this guide to learn about the types of DAOs.

The Marshall Islands Legal Entity : Why It's an Optimal Choice for Your Business

Leo Henkels

Want to grow your business in a stable legal system with no tax restrictions? The Marshall Islands is something you should consider.

The Marshall Islands LLC: Top Advantages of Incorporating Your DAO

Leo Henkels

Explore the benefits of incorporating your DAO in the Marshall Islands, a leading jurisdiction due to its innovative DAO LLC legal structure

DeFi Legal Issues: A Look at the Legal Implications of Decentralized Finance

Leo Henkels

Dive into the legal landscape of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and understand its challenges and implications.

Web3 Banking: Its Implications for Banks, Customers, and the Fintech Industry

Leo Henkels

Understand how Web3 principles challenge traditional banking models, offer customers enhanced financial sovereignty, and foster innovation

How to Create an NFT DAO: Key Steps and Essential Tips

Leo Henkels

This guide provides a step-by-step approach to creating an NFT DAO, highlighting the synergy between NFTs and DAOs.

Understanding the Interplay Between DAO Entities and Smart Contracts

Leo Henkels

Discover the dynamic relationship between DAO entities and smart contracts in blockchain. Uncover the power of decentralized automation.

DAO Legal Entities and SEC Regulations: Maneuvering through Securities Law

Leo Henkels

Learn how to navigate SEC regulations and securities law for DAO legal entities. Stay compliant and informed with our expert resources.

Harnessing the Power of Collective Decision-Making in a DAO Entity

Leo Henkels

Discover the potential of DAO entities. Harness collective decision-making to drive success in decentralized autonomous organizations.

DAO Structure vs Traditional Organizations: A Comparative Analysis

Leo Henkels

Discover the power of DAO structure in our comparative analysis. Explore the benefits of DAO vs traditional organizations. Learn more now!

Choosing from Diffеrеnt Lеgal Entity Typеs: Kеy Considеrations to Dеtеrminе thе Right Structurе

Leo Henkels

Discover the Best Legal Entity Types: Essential Tips for Selecting the Right Structure. Make informed decisions for your business success.

DAOs vs LLCs: How the DAO LLC Entity Was Born

Leo Henkels

Dive into the world of DAOs vs LLCs and discover the origins of the DAO LLC entity. Understand the differences and make informed decisions.

Is the DAO Model a Good Alternative to Crypto Venture Capital?

Leo Henkels

Discover the potential of the DAO model as a game-changing alternative to crypto venture capital. Explore its benefits and drawbacks here.

8 Reasons to Choose Marshall Islands for DAO Development in 2024

Leo Henkels

DAO development in 2024? Explore 8 compelling reasons to choose Marshall Islands as your ideal destination. Unlock new opportunities now!

DAO Incorporation Basics: Everything You Need to Know


Uncover DAO incorporation essentials. Learn about legal frameworks, liability, and advantages of DAO LLCs for effective management.

Crypto Taxes for Your DAO: PART I. The Future of DAOs: Visionary Insights and Transformative Impact


Dive into 'Crypto Taxes for Your DAO' with experts Adam Miller and Cameron Richard, exploring DAOs' impact on digital governance and tax.

Crypto Taxes for Your DAO: PART II. Understanding DAOs and Tax Implications


Delve into DAO tax complexities with 'Crypto Taxes for Your DAO' Part II, exploring legal structures and tax strategies with expert insights

Crypto Taxes for Your DAO: PART III. Global DAOs: Tax Strategies and Legal Considerations


Uncover the complexities of DAO taxation in 'Crypto Taxes for Your DAO' Part III, discussing global DAO strategies and legal considerations.

The Practical Challenges and Potential of DAOs


Unlock the potential of DAOs and navigate the practical challenges with expert insights. Discover a new way to organize and collaborate.

The Economic Perspective of DAOs and Transaction Costs


Explore the economic perspective of DAOs and transaction costs. Learn how DAOs impact economic efficiency and minimize transaction costs.

Legal and Organizational Implications of DAOs


Explore the legal and organizational implications of DAOs, the concept of 'exit to community,' and the future of DAO regulation.

DAOs as Social Computing Systems and Their Interdisciplinary Nature


Explore the interdisciplinary world of DAOs and their role as social computing systems at the confluence of computer science and law.

The Evolution of DAOs and Their Impact on DeFi

Leo Henkels

Explore DAOs' evolution and impact on DeFi, from early experiments to today's innovative governance models.

Rage Quit: A Revolutionary DAO Mechanism

Leo Henkels

Explore "Rage Quit" in DAOs: a unique mechanism ensuring member control and asset security, reshaping organizational trust.

Open Dollar: Pioneering a Safer, More Flexible DeFi Ecosystem

Leo Henkels

Discover Open Dollar: Revolutionizing DeFi with safer, flexible stablecoins and innovative collateral management.

Navigating the DAO Landscape: Tools, Advice, and Future Directions

Leo Henkels

Explore essential DAO strategies and insights for thriving in decentralized governance, detailed in expert discussions.

The Evolution and Mechanisms of Juicebox in DAO Financing

Leo Henkels

Discover Juicebox's pivotal role in DAO financing, its flexible treasury system, and integration with key DAO tools to enhance governance.

The Concept of DAO Immune System: Balancing Growth and Defense

Leo Henkels

Explore the DAO immune system concept, balancing governance and growth to protect and expand decentralized organizations.

Leadership and Governance in Decentralized Organizations

Leo Henkels

Discover effective leadership strategies for DAOs, emphasizing distributed authority and transparent governance to foster growth.

Innovative DAO Projects: Case Studies from Juicebox

Leo Henkels

Explore Juicebox-powered DAO projects like SharkDAO and Moon DAO, showcasing their success and lessons in decentralized funding.

The Evolution and Future of DAOs

Leo Henkels

Discover the evolution of DAOs, their innovative governance models, and their potential to revolutionize industries and global governance.

Decentralized Insurance: A Web3 Approach

Leo Henkels

Discover decentralized insurance, its benefits, challenges, and potential to revolutionize the insurance industry with blockchain and DAOs.

Practical Advice for Launching a Successful DAO

Leo Henkels

Practical tips for launching a successful DAO: mission alignment, governance, leadership, and community engagement in the Web3 era.