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MIDAO’s Partner Program

Partnering with MIDAO is partnering with a web3 thought-leader on DAOs. MIDAO is a hub and spoke to the DAO community of the world, providing web3-native legal, tax, DAO advisory, tokenomics and DAO service providers & tools partners to the global DAO community. We can act as an additional lead source for your business as we work with and talk with thousands of DAOs, and those DAOs often have thousands of members/contributors.

How does it work?

Book a call with MIDAO’s Business Development team. We’ll work with you to learn how we can best collaborate and support each other to advance web3 and DAOs.

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You can also refer your clients to us and we pay you a 10% Referral Fee!

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Whether you’re providing legal or tax advice, consulting, or offering DAO service provider tools to MIDAO’s DAO community, we’ll all be contributing to the prosperity of DAOs.


MIDAO offers a 10% referral fee to any DAO that you recommend to us (which we have not yet met) that incorporates with a MIDAO DAO LLC. You may choose to collect this referral fee for yourself, or pass it along to the DAO that you refer.

Please arrange a brief call with our Business Development team or contact us to make your referral.

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Explore the collaboration possibilities with MIDAO and our global DAO communities.